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The invoice for your dental treatment is consists of the various performances that have taken place during a treatment. On the invoice each performance is described by a code. Each code is linked and defined by the NZA.

At our practice we rather spent our time working with you than wasting our time on administration. Therefore we have outsourced our invoicing to Infomedics. For questions about your note, please visit the website of Infomedics. If your question is not answered through their website, you can contact Infomedics through the information below.

The payment process Aqua Dental Clinic is as follows:
• For paying your bills, we use a payment term of 30 days. You remain responsible at all times for payment within that period.
• You can pay the amount to the bankaccount ............... in the name of Infomedics BV Amersfoort. Mentioned in (electronic) payment is always the payment reference.
• If we do not recieve the full payment within 30 days after the invoice date, we will send you a reminder which will also serves as a notice.
• By means of the payment reminder we offer yet another opportunity to comply the full amount within 10 days.
• If we do not recieve the payment within 10 days of the date of the payment reminder, you are in default. From that moment, we charge a fee. The extra costs are 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of € 37.00 plus statutory interest of consumers.
• Your payment is intended primarily to reduce the costs, subsequently to reduce the interest and finally to reduce the principal.
• All judicial and/or extrajudicial costs associated with the collection of the amounts declared for your account.

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Servicedesk accounts receivable
Voor facturen met eindcijfer 11:
0900 – 777 777 1

For invoices with final numbers 21/31:
0900 – 463 66 33
Recepton: 036 547 22 99
Fax: 036 845 02 01
E-mail: info@infomedics.nl

Location Zwolle
Dokter Stolteweg 1-7
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Servicedesk customers
Infomedics Zorg: 0900 – 33 35 777

NotaCollect: 0900 – 53 53 544

D-Pay: 0900 – 04 01 040
Fax: 088 6555 955
E-mail: info@infomedics.nl

You can insure at many insurance companies for dental care. We would like to refer you to the following site for more information on insurance and the differences in coverage to www.allesoverhetgebit.nl/polisvergelijker.